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Fitting spray
400 ml
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400 ml


  • Prevents corrosion, fretting corrosion, oxidation and wear. 
  • Prevents seizing and cold welding. 
  • Good sealing and barrier properties, against liquid media. 
  • Reduces friction and stick-slipping. 
Температурен диапазон
  • -40 °C до +1400 °C 
Customs tariff number
  • 34039900 

Описание на продукта

Безопасност и здраве: При обработката на продуктите на HANSA-FLEX трябва да се спазват физическите, свързаните с безопасността, токсикологичните и екологичните данни и разпоредби в нашите информационни листове за безопасност на ЕС.
HANSA-FLEX MONTAGESPRAY400 is an assembly aid for screw connections and assembly parts subject to extreme dynamic stress as well as slow-rotating systems in the high-temperature range.
Clean surfaces thoroughly and degrease. For example, with HANSA-FLEX ENTFETTERSPRAY.
Allow the product to warm up to room temperature for flawless spraying performance.
Shake can before use, until you can hear the agitator ball.
Spray on at a distance of approx. 15 cm.
Assembly Spray 400 is only suitable for use with specific materials, it is not a substitute for oil or grease lubrication.
допълнителна информация
Special additives and the minute ceramic solid lubricants, guarantee special product properties. The product is characterised by its pressure absorption capacity (< 230 N/mm²). The assembly spray is metal-free, (up to max. 0.1 % content). It is resistant to fresh, sea and hot water, steam, alkaline and weakly acidic media, as well as being adhesive and water-repellent. In addition, the product is free of sulphur-containing additives and halogens.

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